Check – in

Tuzla International Airport passenger and baggage check-in counters are located in the passenger terminal building. Check-ins open 135 minutes and close 40 minutes before scheduled time of departure.

Free online check-in (booking a ticket via the Internet)

Passengers who choose to book a ticket online free of charge are required to print the boarding pass and present it along with valid travel documents  (a passport or an ID) at check-in desks at the airport.

Each piece of online checked-in baggage must be handed at check-in desks at least 40 minutes prior to scheduled time of departure. If a passenger using WizzAir online customer service fails to present a printed out boarding pass, it can be provided at the airport with a mandatory airport check-in fee.

Online check-in is available from 30 days up to 3 hours before scheduled time of departure.

Special attention passengers

All passengers who require special attention and/or service must be present at check-in desks 2 hours before scheduled time of departure so all necessary procedures regarding airport passenger services are provided on time.

Non adult passengers (children between 2 and 14 years of age)

All children passengers being 2 to 14 years old (including both ages) are treated as adult passengers and are entitled to their own seat and must pay the ticket price in the amount as adult passengers do. WizzAir regulations state that no more than 10 children can travel together under condition that at least one adult, being at least 16 years old, accompanies them during the flight to the destination airport.

Children under 14 years of age can travel only if accompanied by a person at least 16 years of age who will take full responsibility.

Passengers aging between 14 and 15 can travel as unaccompanied minors but cannot accompany another non adult passenger under 14 years of age.

Booking for adults should be made within the same reservation as the child. If the seat provided for a child is booked separately from an adult passenger accompanying it, the two reservations must be made under the same name and address of the user.

Infant passengers (under 2 years of age)

Babies under 2 years of age can travel in the lap of an adult who accompanies them under condition that an infant passenger fee is paid. One person may accompany more than one baby. The fee for a baby can be paid via the Internet during the booking process or through the call center. Only infant passenger fees as charged, as taxes and fees for booking are excluded. General regulations: The adult traveling with a baby is entitled to take a small or a large cabin bag on board the plane including a personal item for a baby not exceeding the dimensions of 40 × 30 × 18 cm. Babies must be under the age of 2 years during an outgoing and the return flight. If the baby turns two years after the departure and before the return flight, must buy a ticket for an extra seat. Children older than 2 years of age will not be allowed to travel in the lap of an adult who accompanies them.

Car seat: car seat for the baby that is placed opposite to the direction of travel and which has an inner belt can be brought in the aircraft only if the ticket for an additional seat on that flight is purchased. Car seats must have a latch that will allow secure attachment with a passenger belt. If the car seat is brought onto the plane, additional seating is paid at normal rates during the booking or via the call center under condition the reservation is completed and confirmed by WizzAir.

When using bookings via the Internet, passengers are required to enter information under the name and surname of passengers. The passenger’s name should be entered “INFANT”, and in the box reserved for the name should be entered with a passenger’s surname. If a booking is made via the Internet, passengers are kindly requested to contact the call center by phone to confirm infant’s full name and that the baby will travel in the car seat.
If the additional seat is reserved, additional allowed baggage weight and fees entitled to babies do not apply.

Car seats cannot be brought onto the plane as carry-on luggage without a ticket purchased for an additional seat. Fees for infants: If the price of one-way tickets for an adult who accompanies the baby is less than 27 EUR, the same amount will be applied to the fee for the baby. If the price of one-way tickets for an adult who accompanies the baby is higher than 27 EUR, fee for the baby will remain 27 EUR.

WizzAir baggage regulations

Allowed baggage

Each passenger may bring:

  • One piece of cabin baggage.
  • Up to 6 pieces of checked baggage none of which exceed 32 kilograms.
  • Duty free shopping products at the airport after security checks.

Important: All baggage is mandatory for security checks!
Note: The fees at the airport are much higher than if bookings are made online.

PASSENGERS without priority when boarding

Can bring only one piece of cabin baggage onboard.

A small cabin bag:
If your cabin baggage size is 42x32x25cm or smaller, it can be brought on the plane for free. It must fit under the seat.

Large cabin bag:
If cabin baggage exceeds the size of a small cabin bag, but does not exceed 56x45x25 cm in size, you can bring it on the plane under condition surcharge fees are paid. It must be placed in the upper cabin compartment section.

PASSENGERS with priority boarding

Are entitled to take one additional personal object along with a small or large carry-on bag.
Additional personal item can be a purse, laptop bag or a camera case whose dimensions do not exceed 40x30x18 cm in size.

If a passenger with priority boarding carries two pieces of hand luggage that exceed the maximum dimensions of additional personal items, it is obligatory to check-in one of the bags with the appropriate baggage fee.

Addition to the large cabin bag

If a passenger has already paid a large cabin bag, but needs more space, they can – by paying the price difference – upgrade a big carry-on bag to checked baggage. In the event that passengers are unsure of the size of luggage you need to travel with, they can buy a large cabin bag when booking a flight and can always opt to upgrade to checked baggage up to three hours before scheduled time of departure. This option is available at an additional service at or via the call center.

Musical instruments

Passengers who buy a large carry-on bag may bring onto the plane a musical instrument whose length does not exceed 80 cm. Other dimensions of cases may not exceed 45 x 25 cm. Examples of such instruments are violins, violas, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, ukuleles. To check the size, holster musical instrument have to be put in a calibration tool for large cabin bags: width and depth must match, and the height must be less than approximately 1.5 times at the permitted level. The passengers should have no other hand luggage except for a small musical instrument. After boarding, musical instrument must be placed in the upper cabin compartment section. Musical instruments that do not comply with the abovementioned dimensions must be designated as checked baggage after paying the relevant fee or can be brought on an airplane after obtaining the approval of WizzAir through the call center for an additional seat.

In addition, passengers can carry the following items free of charge:

  • a coat or a blanket
  • cellular phone
  • reading material during flights
  • children up to 2 years of age: food for the duration of the flight, collapsible carry-cot or a small crib
  • a pair of crutches for people with physical disabilities.

If the size of cabin baggage exceeds the limits specified, the baggage will be transported as checked baggage. Appropriate baggage fee will be charged.

Liquids in carry-on luggage are subject to the following restrictions introduced by the government:

  • the liquid in a container with the maximum volume of 100ml
  • all containers for liquids that meet the requirement of 100 ml volume can be placed in a transparent plastic bag of 1 liter measuring 20×20 cm, which can be closed again
  • plastic bags are submitted to a security check separately
  • in order to gain security clearance, all the liquid which does not meet the abovementioned requirements shall be removed.


Due to security measures, WizzAir does not transport baggage if its owner is not on the plane (except for lost luggage).
The maximum dimensions for luggage that can pass through baggage compartment doors are:

Width: 1.499 m
Height: 1.194 m
Length: 1.715 m

Due to health and general safety regulations, the weight of a single piece of checked baggage must not exceed 32 kilograms.
Passengers are entitled to carry up to 6 pieces of checked baggage on flights operated by WizzAir provisioned that weight of each piece does not exceed 23 kg. and that the sum of the three dimensions of each piece of luggage (length, width, height) does not exceed 158 cm.

The passengers are obligated to respond to all the demands of security officers, if necessary. If baggage is not transported because a passenger has not met the security requirements, WizzAir will not be responsible for any additional costs that may arise.

Checked baggage, whenever possible, is transported in the same plane as the passenger to whom it belongs. If, for safety, security or operational reasons the baggage must be transported via an alternative flight, airport staff will not be responsible for delay in baggage delivery. In order to return the lost baggage to its owner within a reasonable time of delivery, it must be marked with the name of passengers, initials and address before handing it for transport. Free of charge baggage for infants is not allowed except for a pushchair / foldable child carriers / car seats for children that can be brought free of charge. Baby carriages and wheelchairs are checked with other baggage and are transferred free of charge only if the user of the equipment is traveling.

If the checked baggage contains any of the following items, WizzAir will not be liable for any loss, destruction, delay or damage to such items:

  • cash, bonds
  • jewelry, precious metals, gemstones
  • computer, camera, video camera, cell phone and other electronic or technical appliances and their accessories
  • official, business or private documents
  • travel or other identification documents
  • keys
  • fluids
  • pharmaceutical products
  • works of art and art objects
  • perishable goods

Some airports may have further restrictions on items allowed to be carried in hand and / or as checked baggage. In such cases, the airport regulations are implemented.